Our X- Litter arrived on 11-JAN-2019, 4/5, males/females


Greta vom Remschieder Land IPO 1

Inka aus dem Furstetum Lippe SCH 1, HD/ED- A/Normal 27-04-2010

Inka has been one of our best foundation females.  She passes along her deep rich colors, good bone, nice drives and excellent temperament.  Inka is retired from our breeding program and will live her life out here with our family...

Sina von der Mueller-Hof, OFA: HIps-Good, Elbows-normal 03-12-2015

Sina is one of our progeny from Inka aus dem Furstentum Lippe and Ayk vom Fliestedener Land.  Sina is the mother of our W-litter von der Mueller-Hof.  She has good drives and is a beautiful bi-colored female of medium size.

Quetta vom Rosenberg IPO 1, HD/ED- A/Normal 18-03-2014

Quetta is our newest foundation female.  Quetta has dark rich colors, very nice drives and good temperament.    

Greta vom Remschieder Land IPO 1, HD/ED- Fast normal/normal 05-12-2013

Greta is another one of our great females.  She comes from Holland and has super nice drives, solid temperament and good bone..  There is nothing Greta will not do to please her handler.